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  • April 2016

    New member-Jeff-has done woodworking, started turning about a month ago
    Treasurers report-$490.00, just paid $318.00 for three year contract for website
    Bob Werner thanked everyone who donated to the Food Pantry Auction, they raised $41,000
    Woodson Art Museum is having a program on chairs and would like us to participate again. The dates are July 7, July20, August 6. More info to follow.
    We received a thank you from the Wounded Warriors for donating $217.00, it was used to pay for the noon meals for the Warriors.
    Tim Muench and Bob Stavran demonstrated making pendants. They did a very nice job
    Anyone interested in doing a demo please let Roger know.
    Next meeting-May 5, 2016

  • March 3, 2016

    New members-John Marine, John Butler

    Treasurer report- 641.00

    Food Pantry- donations still welcome, Saturday auction begins at 1:00, Dinner at 4:30 and 5:15. Live auction 6:00

    Chris talked about an event he is part of. It is Bowling with the Band at Coral Lanes May 29, 2016. Looking for donations, it is an event for children with cancer that recieve VIP treatment. Will have more info to follow.

    Tonights demo was about the best way to cut up a piece of wood for your project. Roger and Bob talked about different woods and different things to take into consideration when you are looking at a piece of wood you want to use. I think everyone came home with good information for the next time they get ready to cut their wood. 

    It was a good night of info and visiting.



  • February 2016

    Feb. 4.2016

    New members- Milas Fenske, Tom Erdman, Jim Platta

    Treasurers report- $681.00, Pat asked Mary to bring an annual report for the year.

    Food Pantry Auction- Bring your donations to the next meeting and give to Bobo Warner

    Christmas Party- was a success, may look for another place to hold the party

    Discussion for future demo ideas

    1. Demo on sharpening-free hand and using a jig
    2. Revisit turning eggs and spheres
    3. Taking a chunk of wood- what to do with it and how to go about it. Where do you start? 
    4. Have 4 or 5 guys take a piece of wood off the raffle table and say what they would do with it and how. 
    5. Segmented turning-show steps
    6. Making a plate- Tony
    7. Making a bowl
    8. Basic cuts- which tool for different cuts
    9. Making a box
    10. Species of wood- how it turns and finishes
    11. Finishing-combinations, waxes - what, why and how. Pat and Ed Sandle
    12. Put items on tables and critique them. 
    13. Tree identification - go to a park woods
    14. Scroll chuck- take apart and put back together
    15. Tool handle
    16. Inlays
    17. How to watch a demo

    April- Tim & Bob- pendants 
    August- picnic

    Lots of good input and ideas. 



  • January 2016

    The WVWturners Christmas party was held at Hiawatha and it was great fun. We once again had a good turnout of members and the spouses and friends. We had a wonderful assortment of snacks and goodies. They were all delicious!!!  Our gift table was overflowing with a wide variety of wrapped gifts. Everyone was lucky enough to go home with a little gift. Thank you for coming and enjoying a wonderful evening.


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