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  • September 1, 2016

    Introduced new members to the club

    Treasurers Report- approximately $700.00, Mary was not at this meeting, so did not have an exact amount.

    Discussion on Festival of the Trees in November?

    Christmas Party date and location- Date January 5, 2017. Discussion on where we should have it this year, suggestions on a bigger place. Suggestions were Great Dane, Domino Bar, The Bar, Schofield City Hall. Members were going to check on places and bring back info for the next meeting.

    Boys and Girls Club was a great success this summer. They had a great turnout, 69 items were made, 64 total kids. Mike took pictures of all the kids with what they made and printed them and gave all the kids their pictures. One girl was in a wheelchair and they made a stand so the girl could reach the lathe and she turned several things. All the kids were overjoyed with being able to turn and take items home.  Thank You to all that helped with this program!!!! Kudos to you!

    The program at the Woodson on August 6 went very well. A couple of women had the oppurtunity to learn to turn, a couple from Germany really enjoyed it also.

    Picnic went well, the weather held out again this year. About 40 people attended, Guy was there with friends and played great music. Thank you Guy! The tool swap went well, thank you Jim. Thanks to all who helped with the picnec, thank you Deb Bandt for hosting the picnic.

    The Tree Id held at Stevens Point was great, Chris did an excellent job. Stevens Point Campus has a wonderful variety of trees on its campus.

    Update on Tim Mensch- went back to Penn., worked on other side of his liver. He is doing ok.

    Nest Meeting October 6, 2016



  • Woodturners Picnic

    When: August 4, 2016

    Where: 102nd Street Wausau 

    Time : 5:30-??

    Bring a dish to pass, lawn chair, beverage of choice, and your singing voice.

    Jim Amderson has organized a swap meet so bring your items along. Bring a table if you have lots of items. You will be responsible for your own items to sell or swap.

    Come and have fun!!!! Contact Roger Zimmerman for more information..

  • July 7 , 2016

    Woodsen Muesum - had a short meeting following the demo at the muesum.

    Tony has availabilty to black walnut if anyone is interested, 

    Treasurers report- $680.00?

    Next meeting is August 4, 2016, picnic at Deb Bandt's. More info to follow.


  • June 2, 2016

    New Members  Jerry Butke, Blaine Koch, Sam Turnquist

    Treasurers report- $612.00

    Woodson Muesum upcoming program on chairs. WVW participation for July meeting. July 7, 5:30-7:00, short meeting will follow. August 6 1-3

    Woodson Muesum is always free.

    Roger Zimmerman discussed the attributes of bowl gouges{ sharpening, different styles, angles for bevels, etc.}

    Picnic will be August 4, at Deb Bandt's, Jim Anderson is organizing a swap meet. You will be responsible for taking care of your own items.Bring a table if you have lots of items.

  • May 5, 2016

    New Members- Ken Baker-woodturning in high school

    Deb- woodshop class out of college, very interested in woodturning

    Treasurer report- $512.00

    June meeting- keeping your chuck in worrking order, clean it up, put it back together. July - Woodson Muesum, August- picnic, September- Bowl gouge, grinding, shaping

    Tony did a demo on making a platter and did a terrific job. Thank you Tony!!!!!

    May 29, 2016 - Benefit at Coral Lanes, call Chris if you would like to donate

    Do a swap meet at the picnic, everyone would be responsible for their own things. Buy, Sell, Swap or Give Away

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