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    February 2, 2017

    New Members - George - has done some woodturning, has a lathe

    Treasurers Report - Mary is ill 

    Need volunteers to help clean up after the meeting. Roger and Pat have key for workshop

    Bob Werner reminding us about the Food Pantry Auction - 2nd largest food pantry in Marathon County.  Live auction, silent auction please bring your donations to the next meeting.

    Christmas party was a success, will plan on having at The Domino again next year. Had about 35-40 people ther, good appetizers and the bill was about $100.00. Great evening of fun and conversation.

    Boys and Girls lathes is still in the process of being purchased. The Kiwanis and Community foundation are donating money. Need to purchase a few items for the Boys and Girls Club - roughing gouge and spindle gouge. 

    The Wine and Chees and all that Jazz was a success, raised about $15.000.

    John Kelly and Tem Muench both passed away this last month.

    March meeting will be a demo on another way to turn a sphere. June will be Bob Stavaran on using several types of finished. Need more volunteers to do dems.

    Remember to visit our facebook page, it is now up and running.


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