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  • February 2, 2017

    New Members - George - has done some woodturning, has a lathe

    Treasurers Report - Mary is ill 

    Need volunteers to help clean up after the meeting. Roger and Pat have key for workshop

    Bob Werner reminding us about the Food Pantry Auction - 2nd largest food pantry in Marathon County.  Live auction, silent auction please bring your donations to the next meeting.

    Christmas party was a success, will plan on having at The Domino again next year. Had about 35-40 people ther, good appetizers and the bill was about $100.00. Great evening of fun and conversation.

    Boys and Girls lathes is still in the process of being purchased. The Kiwanis and Community foundation are donating money. Need to purchase a few items for the Boys and Girls Club - roughing gouge and spindle gouge. 

    The Wine and Chees and all that Jazz was a success, raised about $15.000.

    John Kelly and Tem Muench both passed away this last month.

    March meeting will be a demo on another way to turn a sphere. June will be Bob Stavaran on using several types of finished. Need more volunteers to do dems.

    Remember to visit our facebook page, it is now up and running.

  • January 5, 2017  Christmas Party

    This year our Christmas party was held at Domino Bar and it was a great time. We had great appetizers and beverages, we held our usual gift table and no one left without a gift. A group picture was taken and sent to Tim Mensch. fun was had by all as we celebrated the past year and brought in the new. Thank you all for joining us and for the people that organized the get together.

    Thank You!!!

  • December 1, 2016

    New members - Gary - Bob Warners friend, has a small lathe

    Treasurer report - 598.24

    Empty Bowls - items donated raised about $135.00 to Neighbors Place. People don"t buy plates as much as they do bowls.

    Festival Of Trees - the tree raised $200.00, had about 100 ornaments on it. Tony"s snowman raised $400.00, Sue"s tree island raised $260.0

    Christmas Party is Jan. 5, 2017 at the Domino Bar. We can order appetizers, we can bring deserts. If you want to bring a gift, wrap it so people do not know what it is. Will decide that night what we with the gifts. 

    Update o the lathes - Stevens Point have not decided yet. The Community Foundation will donate $450 towards our new deltas.

    Mike, Tony, Roger, Dick helped make 270 nose cones for D. C. Everest Junior High.

    Jan. 18, 2017- Wine, Cheese and all that Jazz. Bring your donations to the Christmas Party.

    It will cost $24.00 a year to use the room.

    Tony taking donations for Wounded Warriors, raised $109.00


  • November 3, 2016

    New Members - Chris-playing around with a lathe about a month.

    Kevin Noel - knows Gary Sack, has not turned yet

    Treausurers report - -$491.00

    Empty Bowls - Bring November 19, 2016

    Christmas Party - Domino Bar 6:00

    Boys and Girls Club - what to do with the lathes? Get rid of jets and buy Deltas for 1200- 1300? Sell and donate money towards lathes, donate to Stevens Point, club could buy them and use them for hands on instruction. Decided to offer them to boys and girls club in Stevens Point first , then ask club members if they would like them.

    Tony - Wounded Warrior Donation for meals and hotel.

    D. C. Eversest Junior High building rockets. Nov. 11 and 18 turnign nose cones.





  • October 6, 2016 Meeting Notes

    Introduce the new memebers - Allan and Pat

    Treasurers Report- 574.61, Mary needs to update the checkbook

    Festival of Trees projects - We will be using Tony's tree- please make ornaments for the tree. They should be about 2-3 inches long and long and narrow would be the best. Please put a little hook on the top so we can hang them.

    Christmas Party-Will be at the Domino Bar, we can bring in deserts and they can do appetizers for us. There is no charge for using the facility. You can come early and eat beforehand if you would like.

    The use of the ADRS- all present users of the building can continue to use the building. There will be a meeting of all the groups that are using the building next week, it would be good to have a representative at the meeting.

    Tom and MIke made 84 nose cones for the D. C. Everest Junior High. The teacher offered a room for us to use for free.

    November 19 - empty bowls at Wausau West, looking for donations

    Boys and Girls Club in Stevens Point is looking at starting a turning club.

    Tim Mensch - they have been treating his liver and will be going back next week. doing a scan on his liver, Looking and feeling good. Tim says thanks for the cards but you should save your money and go have a beer.

    Next meeting is November 4, 2016

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